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ROCS Coffee

When you purchase a coffee from ROCS, you’re buying a whole lot more than just great taste. You’re guaranteeing yourself a blend of high-end ingredients—measured to meet your exact taste specifications. Our coffee comes hot, fresh, and brewed to your liking, every time. If you want quality coffee at a great price, look no further than ROCS!

ROCS Coffee - Java Junction

ROCS beverages are truly one-of-a-kind. Everything about them, from the way they’re made to the way they’re dispensed at our stores, is based on attaining the highest quality possible. This standard results in a wide selection of consistently great-tasting drinks. They’re predictably delicious, and that’s what makes them so satisfying.

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ROCS Drinks

Fountain Soda

The fountain drinks from ROCS aren’t simply syrup in water. Each drink is a perfect combination of elements carefully calibrated to produce the crispest and most refreshing fountain drink possible. A wide variety of flavors and sizes will assure customers that if they need their thirst quenched, they’ve come to the right place. The ROCS Fountain Soda is a deliciously convenient way to conquer the toughest thirst challenge.

Fountain Soda

Bottled Soda & Water

You’re thirsty and you’re on the go. Some people might consider this a problem. Not ROCS. Our refrigerated drink cases offer a near-endless variety of liquid relief and guaranteed freshness. Your favorite bottled soda is perfectly chilled and ready to roll. And if it’s water you need—we’ve got you covered here, as well. From single-serving bottles to grab-and-go gallons, if you need it—we’ve got it all at ROCS.

Bottled Soda

Whether you’re about to start a lazy weekend or host the big game, the cold beer case at ROCS is your one-stop-shop for variety, freshness, and affordability. With all your favorite brands easy to find and chilled to perfection, all you have to do is get to ROCS—we’ll take care of the rest. We understand that beer drinkers want variety, freshness, and accessibility. We can promise you that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for at ROCS—and all of it at exactly the right price!


Sport Drinks
One of the things we aim to provide at ROCS is variety. Our sport drinks are a perfect example. Maybe you’re coming from practice, or heading to a game. Or maybe you just love the taste of a cold, refreshing sport drink. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find whatever sport drink you desire at ROCS. We’ll get you in and out, so you can get back to competing, recovering, or just plain relaxing—with your favorite tasty beverage!

Bottled Soda

Energy Drinks
At ROCS, we understand that there are just times when you need a boost. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We offer an extensive selection of energy drinks to suit your needs. Whether you’re trying to put in a few more hours on that road trip, or simply get to work after a long night—whatever the case may be—we’ll get you jumpstarted and back in the zone with the energy drink of your choice at ROCS.

Bottled Soda

You’re dying of thirst and nothing sounds better than a nice cold juice. Hey, we get it: there’s going to be times when only one thing will do it. If you’ve got it bad for juice, we’re ready to solve your problem. ROCS offers up an array of fresh, cold juices that is sure to subdue even the most ravenous of cravings. Your favorite juice brands and flavors all find a home at ROCS. All you have to do is get here—we’ll take care of the rest!

Bottled Soda

At ROCS, we want to provide you with meals and beverages that you can grab on the go, but we also realize that not everyone is in a hurry. We offer dairy products in a variety of sizes and options, like: milk by the bottle or the gallon, cheeses, ice cream, and even eggs. We want to offer you as much flexibility as possible at ROCS, and we understand that at times, you might just need to pick up a few things. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Bottled Soda

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