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Our Gasoline

Shell Gas
From a wide range of fuels and motor oils to credit card services that make it easy to fill up when you’re on the go, Shell helps you get the most out of every single drop.

Shell’s differentiated fuels have been launched in more than 40 countries to meet the individual needs of its customers. Some of the products we offer include Shell V-Power, Shell V-Power Racing, Shell V-Power Diesel, and Shell Diesel Extra. The benefit of each product and its availability differs by country.

The Shell Advantage

  • Shell V-Power. If you care about getting the most from your car, then Shell V-Power could help enhance driving power and deliver superior performance.
  • Shell V-Power Active Cleaning. Shell V-Power premium gasoline can clean up deposits on intake valves and fuel injectors left behind by low detergent gasolines.
  • Shell V-Power, How It Works. Shell V-Power removes deposits that low detergent gasolines leave behind.
  • Shell V-Power Racing. We work closely with the Ferrari team in Formula One to develop the highest performance Shell V-Power Racing fuels. These findings are used to develop Shell fuels for road cars, to help power, and protect motorists worldwide.

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A range of advanced performance fuels designed to deliver a combination of enhanced engine performance & reduced exhaust emissions. A fuel formulated to burn better than ordinary fuels & clean your engine as you drive. Available in both unleaded & diesel, depending upon your location.

Here at BP, we believe our customers deserve more. You can get more power, sharper acceleration, and better fuel economy from a fuel that is less harmful to the environment than ordinary fuel.

Why Choose BP Fuels?

  • Cleans your engine as you drive. Clean engines work better.
  • Restored Fuel Economy. Amoco Ultimate® fuel can help restore the fuel economy lost due to a dirty engine.
  • Better Drivability. Amoco Ultimate® fuel has an enhanced cleaning formula.
  • Less Pollution
  • Higher octane. Higher octane improves performance.
  • Increased Power. Amoco Ultimate fuel delivers increased power benefits compared to regular gasoline.
  • Faster Acceleration. Our tests have shown the acceleration increase from using Amoco Ultimate® fuel is roughly equivalent to upgrading from a 3.0- to a 3.4-litre engine.

BP Cards

Or contact one of our fleet professionals for more information at fleet@rmroach.com

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Our Gasoline
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